Soy Egg Nog and Holiday Movie Marathon

This week marks halfway through the month! Did everyone get everything done? Shopping done? Wrapping done? Well, I have wrapped up some holiday showcasing of my own and I’m ready to de-stress for the year. Well, one can hope, I suppose.

Oh, Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding…

Hurrah! The end of 2017 rolls around with lots of happiness, tears, and fears. While this year has been quite a roller coaster on all fronts, December becomes the designated month of reflection (while trying to sneak in some holiday shopping). But it’s also my month of holiday movie binge watching! While watching A Christmas…

Lentils with Corn and Nectarine

Last weekend, my friends and I took a trip to Warwick, NY to visit the great outdoor. While there, we stopped by some farms and picked up some fresh corn and nectarine. And they were so good! The corn was sooooo sweet that it felt like a dessert. And the nectarine was so juicy and…

Cherry Limeade

I love cherries but I can be a bit naive at the variety options. This week for our Harvest Astoria’s CSA, we got tart cherries along with black cherries. I know I love black cherries but what are tart cherries? They are exactly what they say they are.

Roasted Fennel, Carrot, Beet

This week’s CSA is the first time for fennels! I know it’s a hard vegetable to figure out what to eat with but I recently roasted it and it’s surprisingly very good. It softens it without losing the taste. I used beets and carrots but you can add potato or tomatoes and it’ll offer some…

Breakfast Quinoa

After spending the whole winter making overnight oats, I’m venturing out for other breakfast options that can be prepped ahead. I used to have arugula egg salad sandwich that I thought it might be interesting to use egg on quinoa with veggies as something to prep ahead.

Cherry Jam with no pectin

Summer is back and we are picking our CSA in Astoria again with Harvest Astoria! This year, we started a little late but our first fruits arrived this week! I was so excited for strawberries but I’ll have to pass them for some amazing cherries.

Alba Chapter 14

Click. The handheld device switches off, marking the end of the story just as the double suns descend down towards the horizon, creating gold and blue slashes across the sky while making the black beach twinkle like a field of onyx.

Aki and the captain had brought the translator with the tome down from the lighthouse to share with the other two scientists. As the sun set, they started a fire and continued to listen while surveying the land. The story gave them an intriguing tale of history and geography of planet.

Alba Chapter 13

From the day they first reunited, Alba learned more about her parents, about the people before her, and all the history that was lost to war. After Aunt Evelina was cured, the four of them left Dragonback Mountain. While Kai and the sea people chose to view the world from their glass city, Alba and her family chose to be part of the world, wandering into towns, forests, and deserts, living and talking to the townsfolk. It was a time of great knowledge and adventure. Alba learned the ways of science and magic, interweaving knowledge and unknown into one.

Alba Chapter 12

Evelina took the three travelers through a cave where a contraption similar to the one in Daryn’s tower hoisted them towards a top landing. They arrived in a glass chamber with the walls and floors appeared to be made out of glass and seats were made out of rocks.

Alba Chapter 11

Grumbling and moaning through the earth, the glass elevator groaned a relief as the doors slid open and Alba, Nonno, and Daryn stepped out into a cave of crystal stalactites and opalesque stalagmites. They could see a light in the far end of the cave and walked towards it. As Kai promised, they were at the foot of the Dragonback Mountain, with its green ground rising up to snow laden peaks surrounded by heavy gray mist.

Alba Chapter 10

Journeying over Basil Tundra was long and cold. They traveled at high noon. At dusk, tents were set up to avoid the night chill that threatened any tree or animal that dared to thrive. Snow khees roamed freely grazing on hidden roots and springs below the salty frozen land.

Alba Chapter 9

New markings on an old dusty map with its edges frayed and brittle made Alba realize that the telescope was more than a spying device. Her uncle used it to survey new towns, old kingdoms swallowed up by forests and wasteland, new rivers and dried ones, and an ever-changing sea and ocean.

Alba Chapter 8

“So Alba is my niece,” Daryn exclaimed after reading the letter left to Alba. He hugged her tightly, tears forming in his eyes. “I am so glad to have met you. Alas, it was not I who left the letter. Though I do know who did. Follow me.” They all followed him.

Alba Chapter 7

Wizards were meant to be dark and scary but Daryn the Wizard was the opposite. He did not look like the wicked wizard who stole innocent young girls’ hearts. Neither did he look or sound mad. Rather, he looked an awful lot like Alba with shockingly white hair and blue eyes to contrast his dark skin and stood just as short.

Alba Chapter 6

In a blur of leaves and twigs, Alba and Kai tumbled down a steep hill, thankful that Nonno had given them a thick travel cloak that protected them on this free fall journey into darkness. They rolled to a stop as countless red and brown leaves rained down on them. Meanwhile, Nonno slid down on a bed of thick leaves with his stick to guide him much more gracefully.

Alba Chapter 5

“They say that if you wander off the path in Warlock Woodland, you’ll get lost and never find your way out. They speak of a wicked wizard who lives out there bent of making travelers die of madness,” Kai told as they rode on the back of a hay wagon being pulled by a khee—a 4-legged creature who spends all day eating wheat and is immune to the world’s misery.

Alba Chapter 4

Beyond the Great Mermaid Sea that spanned from one end of the world to another, laid the Eastern Sand Drift. It was once a seabed but was now a desert exposed to the beating sun and heat.

Alba Chapter 3

Once, long ago, in a small harbor town called Fiammetta, perched on the edge of the world, there lived a young girl named Alba. With hair as white as the snow on the tips of Dragonback Mountain, eyes as blue as the Great Mermaid Sea that surrounded the town where rainbow fish swam freely, and skin as brown as the earthy trees of Warlock Woodlands, Alba was a unique girl from other townspeople of fair hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.