Alba Chapter 10

Journeying over Basil Tundra was long and cold. They traveled at high noon. At dusk, tents were set up to avoid the night chill that threatened any tree or animal that dared to thrive. Snow khees roamed freely grazing on hidden roots and springs below the salty frozen land.

Alba Chapter 9

New markings on an old dusty map with its edges frayed and brittle made Alba realize that the telescope was more than a spying device. Her uncle used it to survey new towns, old kingdoms swallowed up by forests and wasteland, new rivers and dried ones, and an ever-changing sea and ocean.

Alba Chapter 8

“So Alba is my niece,” Daryn exclaimed after reading the letter left to Alba. He hugged her tightly, tears forming in his eyes. “I am so glad to have met you. Alas, it was not I who left the letter. Though I do know who did. Follow me.” They all followed him.

Alba Chapter 7

Wizards were meant to be dark and scary but Daryn the Wizard was the opposite. He did not look like the wicked wizard who stole innocent young girls’ hearts. Neither did he look or sound mad. Rather, he looked an awful lot like Alba with shockingly white hair and blue eyes to contrast his dark skin and stood just as short.

Alba Chapter 6

In a blur of leaves and twigs, Alba and Kai tumbled down a steep hill, thankful that Nonno had given them a thick travel cloak that protected them on this free fall journey into darkness. They rolled to a stop as countless red and brown leaves rained down on them. Meanwhile, Nonno slid down on a bed of thick leaves with his stick to guide him much more gracefully.

Alba Chapter 5

“They say that if you wander off the path in Warlock Woodland, you’ll get lost and never find your way out. They speak of a wicked wizard who lives out there bent of making travelers die of madness,” Kai told as they rode on the back of a hay wagon being pulled by a khee—a 4-legged creature who spends all day eating wheat and is immune to the world’s misery.

Alba Chapter 4

Beyond the Great Mermaid Sea that spanned from one end of the world to another, laid the Eastern Sand Drift. It was once a seabed but was now a desert exposed to the beating sun and heat.

Alba Chapter 3

Once, long ago, in a small harbor town called Fiammetta, perched on the edge of the world, there lived a young girl named Alba. With hair as white as the snow on the tips of Dragonback Mountain, eyes as blue as the Great Mermaid Sea that surrounded the town where rainbow fish swam freely, and skin as brown as the earthy trees of Warlock Woodlands, Alba was a unique girl from other townspeople of fair hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

Alba Chapter 2

Aurora lights up the planet like fairies dancing in space as Flight Engineer Aki maneuvers a small spacecraft through the earth-like atmosphere—smoothly and deftly slipping between the sea of rock debris forming the planet’s rings.

Sabbatical Journey

Since I left college, my summer has never been without a job. I’ve worked immediately after college with a short 2 week vacation. The best ever vacation. One which I will always remember.

Alba Chapter 1

Dawn. It arrives bringing with it the splendor of light crashing against the rings of the planets like jewels tossed onto a sleepy blue blanket, shimmering and crackling, playing an ageless song unheard by the naked ears.

This is a letter about my love

The sun, the moon, the stars—I love instinctively. Food, water, shelter, I love boundlessly. My family, friends, and my dog, I love unconditionally.

Ligurian Minestrone

Having recently returned from Italy, I had such an eat-ploration that it would be remiss if I didn’t share some new recipe I garnered from the local Bogliascans.

I never want to forget this

If we were not human, would we know what taste, smell, sound, and sight? And if we lost touch and only retained conscious, are we still human? Or just a mind without experience?

Dandelion Pork Dumplings

Summer officially starts for me when Harvest Astoria begins and a fresh batch of veggies comes pouring in! Well, technically, I have to go pick it up but it’s so great to actually have fresh veggies.

It was an extraordinary day…

It was an overcast day, the ground still wet from a misting rain that persisted throughout the day. Did it rain while the hooding ceremony proceeded inside the chapel? It was the day my mother finally saw her first child graduate from college—the first in a family of farmers.

I promise to myself

Before I turn 34, I promise to consider starting a family. Before I turn 35, I shall have visited Cambodia. Before I turn 36, I will publish a novel, even if it’s for free on Kindle. Before I turn 37, I promise to appreciate myself and have better self confidence. Before I turn 38, I…