2012 Resolutions

A new year, a new start, new goals to aim for. Realistic goals. They are always saying, make sure you make realistic achievable goals that YOU can strive to fulfill. Saying you’ll lose 100 lbs is not achievable if you don’t exercise or only go to the gym one month. It’s a commitment and willingness to change your life around. Sometimes, I question why challenge yourself to only 40 days? That’s nothing in the span on one’s life. You’ve got to make a plan that you know you can go through with or else you’re cheating yourself. And despite Cartman saying people cheat to get to where they are in life, I would like to hope that isn’t what you would do to yourself.

So like 2011, I am making only a few goals for 2012.

Get down to a 26 inch waist and maintain it.

I’ve lost almost an inch on a healthy veggie and soup diet for 2 weeks followed by a conscientious food intake for another 2. I will try the Special K challenge in January for 2 weeks to get down to 26 inch next.

Visit Italy

Image is of Portofino, the northern coast but Rome or Florence would be ideal

Pay off credit card debt

Fortunately, I’m on a good track using Mint.com and moonlighting as a front-end developer. It’s so awesome when you meet people who have clients.
credit card debt

Wish me luck! And I wish everyone else happy new year and good luck to all your resolutions!