2014 New Year’s Resolution

I finally got a chance to get around to making new years resolution. 2012 was a great year because I made only 3 resolution. I upped to 6 resolutions for 2013 and it didn’t turn out well. The only resolution I was able to keep was waking up at 7AM every day, including weekends. They say you should pick concrete and actionable resolutions but reading books and learning, well, I suppose you would need to take a class to keep up with that.

Instead of concentrating on my career growth, I wanted to concentrate on personal growth and continuing to find a path to peace and happiness.

That is why I’m going back to making only 3 resolutions again.

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness comes in different shape and sizes. Forgiveness of oneself, of family, friends, coworkers, what life has handed to you, and finding peace in this crazy world.

2. Save First Half the Amount for a House Loan

I never thought I would ever be a house owner but turning 30 makes you rethink your life. And if marriage and children come, I want to start a new beginning with something that I own that I can pass on to my child.

3. Learn to Swim

This is my to-do list for 30 and has been one of those tasks that I want to do but never make the time for. I know there’s a recreational center 2 blocks from my apartment so I really have no excuse.