2015 Year in Retrospective

As the year rolls to the end, I had to remind myself that I’ve been neglecting my blog for half a year! But never fear. This coming year 2016, I’ve promised myself to spend a little time on cultivating my writing creativity.

So here I am reflecting back on 2015. It’s been a crazy busy year, which is like most year. I have fallen into the New York City trap of “being constantly busy”. But it hasn’t been all that bad since I’ve finally traveled to Scotland, my first time ever. All those laird and Skye romances have all led me to this magical land, where I became a fairy. Actually, I pretended I was a fairy at the Fairy Glen.

Scotland was one of my most memorable trip this year, and my favorite place to visit, almost beating out Paris. I love the laidback nature, the serene wildness, and the rich history.

So how could I have not chosen Scotland as the place to exchange vows with Mr. Darcy.

Thus, leads to my memorable moment of 2015 and a few other of my favorite things.

Memorable Moments

Exchanged vows on top of Arthur’s Seat in Scotland

The harder route up towards Arthur's Seat
We climbed up the hard way to the top of this hill and it was worth it to say our vows there.

Bought a condo/home

Astoria Park
Here in beautiful Astoria, Mr. Darcy and I bought a place to start our next new adventure.

Finally, here are a few of my favorite things this year.

Favorite Book

The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery
The Blue Castle

Favorite Movie

The Martian

Favorite Song

Different Worlds by Jes Hudak

Favorite New Restaurant

I had first heard about this place advertised on the TBoro mag. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Darcy and I fell in love with this place. We dine here almost every month for brunch or dinner. The drinks are amazing and the ambience is so nice. And it’s our favorite stop after dropping off the Enterprise rental car.

Favorite New Food

I would say haggis…but I’m glad not to have haggis back on state side. I would have to say new food that is my favorite this year is mand’ricello since it’s one of the first liqueur I learned to make myself.Mand'ricello