9 Places I Tried in 2013

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of 13 restaurants I needed to try this year. I find making these lists really help me to explore different areas of New York. Unfortunately, I only made it through 9 places but they were all very good places, worth checking out.

The first place I tried was brunch at Pies-N-Thigh (13-Jan-13). Great chicken place in Williamsburg at a great value! Of course, it’s best to get there early or else you’ll be waiting in line with hipsters of Willyburg.

With the new year kicking off with restaurant week in New York, I got to check out a few places then as well.

EN Brasserie 23-Jan-13
EN is one of those places I’ve tried many years ago but have always wanted to go back. It was one of my first fancy restaurant when I graduated from college and my friends took me out for my birthday. It’s got some unique Japanese food and the service is great, with private rooms for a few people as well.
EN Brasserie

Alison Eighteen 25-Jan-13
Alison Eighteen was recommended by an ex-coworker. It is supposedly known for its chicken rotisserie and it was not a letdown. The service was amazing and they treated us very well.
Alizon Eighteen

Kyotofu 28-Apr-13
This is an amazingly cute, overlooked Japanese dessert place in Hell’s Kitchen, also recommended by co-worker. I celebrated my anniversary here with my sweet-tooth junkie of a boyfriend.

Fornino 14-Jun-13
It was a rainy day but I trekked out with my boyfriend to Williamsburg to have an early dinner here. It was good but not as good as Don Antonio pizzas.

Blue Water Grill 26-Jul-13
I went here twice actually both for restaurant weeks in New York City. They have such great seafood and the ambiance is romantic in an old New York kinda style.
Blue Water Grill

Shanghai Manor Manor 28-Jul-13
After a long weekend of running, I replenished my Sunday brunch here. I couldn’t help ordering everything off the dim sum menu. It was delicious! And best of all, there were no long wait to get a seat.
Shanghai Asian Manor

Calle Ocho 31-Jul-13
I made it here for restaurant week. I was surprised that it was a hotel restaurant and more surprised how wonderful the food was, especially the cheese bread they served as free compliments.
Calle Ocho

L’Artusi 12-Sep-13
I met up with a friend at this cute location and it was a good restaurant but felt a bit generic and chain-like.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to these four places. I will try my best to make it this year.

Plaza Food Hall
Da Ciro
Le Bernadin
Flatbush Farm