Alba Chapter 1


Alba came to me when I was taking Italian classes for my first visit to Italy. I wanted to learn some basic communication words (sadly, I can’t speak a word of it but I can understand short phrases here and there). Like my 6 years of French, I can read and write better than the spoken word. Despite taking nearly half a year of Italian, I can only say “my name is” and “I am tired.” But from these classes I took in Greenwich Village, I wrote short stories in Italian featuring a young girl, using simple verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

Like all Italian stories, it begins with c’era una volta —there was a time.

C’era una volta, nella città piccolissima che è lontano dal mondo, c’è una ragazza si chiama Alba. Con i capelli bianchi come le neve, gl’occhi blu come il mare, e la pelle marrone comme la terra, lei è molto differente. Alba e intelligente e curiosa. Lei gioce sempre. Ma è molto gentile e brava. Perchè lei è bassu, lei assomiglie una bambina.

This story has been 4 years in the making with revisions galore. I finally decided that this story would be a story I would tell my nieces and future child that was about learning to be curious, to want to see the world, to be brave, and to be strong. It’s a story of a girl who wanted an adventure, who wanted to find home, who wanted to belong. And instead, she discovers life, love, and promises.

My goal for this book was to learn how to be a better writer by just writing. It allowed me to be creative and imaginative and continue with my daydreaming but finally having those daydreams written down and shared.

Chapter One

Alba - Dawn
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Dawn. It arrives bringing with it the splendor of light crashing against the rings of the planets like jewels tossed onto a sleepy blue blanket, shimmering and crackling, playing an ageless song unheard by the naked ears.

Eons of rotation and revolution around twin stars, dawn still comes and goes, unbroken by the changes on the planet. While once thought to be the center of the world, the planet is now overtaken by a green kingdom, erasing all signs of intelligent life, culture, diversity, stories and technology.

Here I stand like a pendulum swinging back and forth, watching the tides ebb, days falling into night and rising back. I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of civilization.

Where once I was real, then a rumor, and then a myth, I’ve wander the planet alone in a trance, looking up and outward in search of a promise that cursed me to be alone, longing for an end.

A blink could last for decades. A sleep could be a century.

Has it now been a millennia or more?

But today—a day like any other day—nothing spectacular and nothing out of the ordinary—my eyes open. My body hums awake in a field of greens with vines and flowers wrapping around me, seeking warmth and comfort.

As if it were meant to be, my eyes gaze upon a shimmering light shining brighter than all the broken moon rocks that orbit the planet.

I sit up and watch as the object falls. Fast. And then it slows. It didn’t fall like a shooting star.

It swoops in with a purpose.

And I know now, he has come back.

Finally, my love returns to release me from this curse.

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