Alba Chapter 13

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The Wait

From the day they first reunited, Alba learned more about her parents, about the people before her, and all the history that was lost to war. After Aunt Evelina was cured, the four of them left Dragonback Mountain. While Kai and the sea people chose to view the world from their glass city, Alba and her family chose to be part of the world, wandering into towns, forests, and deserts, living and talking to the townsfolk. It was a time of great knowledge and adventure. Alba learned the ways of science and magic, interweaving knowledge and unknown into one.

However, Alba would find once in a blue moon, she would wake up crying. Her heart cried and her eyes damp with tears. Those nights, she would lay awake staring at the sapphire night sky from, lying on the open plains of Basil Tundra. Those nights, her heart would whispered a name she had placed away in the furthest regions of her mind. Those nights, she allowed herself to feel lonely.

Kai. It had been so long. Did he think of her? Will he ever return to her? She made a promise and she would wait. And he would find her.

Even if the sky tumbles and the mountains crumble.

Alba held on to their promise and never refused to believe otherwise.

On one of those nights, Evelina found Alba consoling herself, staring at the Sea of Mermaid. She sat down beside her niece and silently, they both stared, exchanging comfort without words, without touches. Just a presence nearby.

“Do you understand that our people love once in our life?” Evelina started when Alba turned to look at her. “That type of love is a gift. But it is a curse. When I first saw you on the mountain steps, I knew you were cursed by it. And you didn’t even know it. Oh Alba, you are the last of our kind. A kind who has power beyond measure. Age beyond time. Knowledge boundless. We are the soul of this planet. While your grandfather and Daryn are the protectors of the planet, they will die with time. The boy you yearn for, he’s a mortal. Time will also end him. Age will take its toll. And you, you will be alone.”

Alba shook her head. “I’ll always have you. I’ll never be alone. And even if time takes Kai away from this planet, I will wait for his soul to return to be with me again. Just like I promised him because promises are meant to be kept. And I won’t break that promise even if I have to give up my soul for this planet.”

And so Alba waited. She waited as the decades passed and they traveled the four corners of the planet, traversed the great oceans and the tallest peaks. She waited as towns grew into cities and cities grew into technologically advanced meccas.

She returned to the lighthouse in Fiammetta and waited for Kai’s return when the Capital under the Sea of Mermaid once again rose out to asset itself as the planet’s ruler like some long lost prince. Even as Daryn and Nonno eventually passed away into the earth and Evelina became a star that hovered over her lover’s grave, Alba waited.

She watched the Capital’s greed grow, its arrogance and power trying to harness the power of moon but instead collided the twin moons, causing the planet’s destruction. Alba watched from the top of the lighthouse and saw as the world around her was destroyed by red sea and black skies. She watched as people died, swallowed up by the planet.

Nature ruled with an iron-fist making no exception.

After the end of this once great era, Alba stood alone and yet still waited. Her love will one day return.

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