Alba Chapter 14

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Click. The handheld device switches off, marking the end of the story just as the double suns descend down towards the horizon, creating gold and blue slashes across the sky while making the black beach twinkle like a field of onyx.

Aki and the captain had brought the translator with the tome down from the lighthouse to share with the other two scientists. As the sun set, they started a fire and continued to listen while surveying the land. The story gave them an intriguing tale of history and geography of planet.

But for Aki, the story is more than just facts or a children story. It is a proclamation of love. Aki could not stop the tears from falling as the story came to a close.

When the book ends, she excuses herself to retrieve blankets from the spacecraft. Alone in the cabin, she cries, unable to stop thinking about Alba and the book. While she cries, her heart feels as if it is being torn and crushed and stretched. Why has this story affect her so much?

As Aki’s heart pours itself out, she feels her cheeks being caressed. A light touch. A graze. The touch fills her with warmth and comfort, healing wounds and heartaches she had forgotten ever existed. The touch tucks her short black hair behind her ear and tilts her chin up so that her watery eyes leveled with a glowing creature standing in front of her.

“Who are you?” Aski asks, barely above a whisper. “Are you an inhabitant of this planet? A ghost?”

The glow around the creature lessens and Aki can see that it’s a woman. White hair tumbles down and around her, billowing like an aurora over a planet, her eyes so blue that they bore holes into Aki’s already strickened heart. But instead of hurt, her heart swells unable to contain the feeling she has. Aki realizes that the woman was backing away, fading out of her sight.

Aki calls out and chases after the light, alerting the captain and scientists of intrusion. They all come to their feet and see the white flash fading into the forest. The captain tries to stop Aki but could not. Instead, he races after her into the forest, commanding the scientists to stand guard and watch. Both Aki and the captain chases the mysterious light leading them back to the ruined lighthouse where in the center of the room, a woman stands, the light around her still glowing but not as strongly.

The captain speaks out first. “Are there more of your kind on this planet? We don’t mean to intrude. We have been searching for so long. And this planet is the closest to our planet to start again.”

The woman tilts her head from side to side as she looks at the captain. Her gaze returns to Aki. Aki’s heart misses a beat and she gasps as her hand goes to her heart. The woman comes up to Aki, face-to-face, and places a hand on Aki’s hand over her heart. Together, the heartbeat in both their hands pulses as one.

“Kai…” A voice echoed like the sweetest honey of summer. “Even if the sky tumbles…”

“And the mountain crumbles,” Aki found herself finishing.


No lifetime, no space between universe could ever make me forget you. No amount of deaths, destruction, creation, and time could have stopped me from waiting. And I’ve waited never doubting your return.

I lean in to kiss your lips, encompassing you into me the way you used to do to me. Can you feel my heart like I feel yours? Why is it that our two hearts feel so lonely? Can we share our hearts as one and fill the emptiness that time and space has sought to tear apart? Did you think of me as I’ve thought of you despite the distance knowing that one day, we could meet again?

On the edge of this land where Fiammetta once stood, the lighthouse that graced this cliff, I have waited and watched, keeping my promise, knowing without a doubt, you had kept yours. Even as the sky tumbled with the collision of the moon and the mountain crumbling under the destruction of water and fire, I waited for this moment.

I feel your hand in mine, fingers interlocking as if we were meant to be one. You tell me in your own earthling words, “I won’t ever lose you again.” You wipe away the tears falling down my face. You kiss away my worries. You hold me as if I would disappear.

My love, I will never disappear from you again. I give back my soul to this planet to have you again. And with our love, our touch, our kiss, the curse that we have been both under is released.

The two moons that once danced across the night sky, guiding this planet’s creature on lonely nights, reappear in the sky with a flash of light that blinded the universe momentarily.

Our love lived beyond all destruction, stood the test of time, and defied the laws of aging and will now become a beacon unto the new world. We shall watch over this planet which will start anew with its own myth and stories. And above it all, we will live happily and contently watching over everyone else.

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Author’s Note

I hoped you enjoyed reading Alba as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love the bittersweetness of life. I’ve always been intrigued by living a whole life and seeing everything as an outsider. It makes you appreciate life and the planet much differently.


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