Alba Chapter 4

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The Eastern Sand Drift

Beyond the Great Mermaid Sea that spanned from one end of the world to another, laid the Eastern Sand Drift. It was once a seabed but was now a desert exposed to the beating sun and heat.

The journey over calm sea with occasional rain gave Alba a chance to get acquainted with her Nonno before they arrived at the seaport, Bazar Spesa. This port was much like the harbor in Fiammetta bustling with merchants and traders, bargaining and chatting. The only difference was Bazar Spesa was covered in yellow sand making the appearance of a golden city. The twin suns seemed to shine even brighter in this part of the world, overshadowing the twin moons that dimly hovered on the horizon.

Amazement danced in Alba’s eyes as she followed Nonno into the center of town where a market of enchanted wonders greeted her. Stalls after stalls of amazing and bewildering knick knacks littered the tightly winding street. Yards and yards of fabric hung over them to cast a cool shade as they browsed. Metal sheets drilled from deep in the Dragonback Mountain shone like long-lost artifacts, amphibious silk weaved from ocean kelps, flowers that turned when shoppers passed by, clams with pearls that seemed to sing when light shone on them. There were even statues of mythical animals: 2 headed snakes, striped bears, flying contraptions made to look like fish.

So enthralled, Alba did not notice the thief until she felt her purse snatched from her wrist. She yelped and saw several boys run into the crowded dark streets. Yelling loudly, she chased after them, trying to bypass the taller shoppers. At a piazza, she saw the boys tumbled on top of each other. Another boy stood—much taller than Alba—blocked much of the view while holding her purse. Rushing up to him, she told him it was hers. He glanced his dark almond eyes at her suspiciously. Nonno showed up behind her and his authoritative figure confirmed Her truth. The taller boy handed the purse to her before threatening the thieves who ran away from city officers.

When the boy finally turned to look at Alba, she realized he look like no one she has ever seen. His almond eyes were as black as a rare moonless night, his skin as white as snow, and his hair shone blue and purple. He was as tall as Nonno but skinny with sharp protruding bones. He was the exact opposite of Alba.

“You must be more careful,” Nonno said before thanking and telling the boy they should be getting on to their next destination.

Alba stopped Nonno and said, “Thank you for saving me from starting off a bad adventure. My name is Alba.”

The boy’s eyes sparkled. “My name is Kai. Where are you going on this adventure?”

With a bright smile, she responded, “Warlock Woodland” to which Kai, smiling widely, pleaded to join them, promising to regale them with tales. Nonno relented to Alba’s joint plea. And thus, they began an adventure.

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Author’s Note

Bazar Spesa is a funny word. It means marketplace shopping in Italian but I was really inspired by the word, La Spezia, which a sea town at the edge of Liguria.

This scene was inspired by the Moroccan scene in Indiana Jones but it’s also because I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco. From pictures, the market looks so exciting, hectic, and HOT.

Introducing Kai went through several revisions, from urchin boy to orphan. In the end, I made him just a bit mysterious and I wanted to create a foil to Alba, who is already an orphan.


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