Alba Chapter 7

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Daryn the Wizard

Wizards were meant to be dark and scary but Daryn the Wizard was the opposite. He did not look like the wicked wizard who stole innocent young girls’ hearts. Neither did he look or sound mad. Rather, he looked an awful lot like Alba with shockingly white hair and blue eyes to contrast his dark skin and stood just as short.

After introductions had been exchanged and Kai had recovered from his shock, he was eager to learn more about the wizard and the tower in a forest riddled with horror tales.

Before Kai could ask anything, they were ushered into a room with a long table that seemed to be weighed down by an assortment of papers, scrolls, and pens littering and covering every inch of the table.

It took some rearrangement by a flustered Daryn before they could sit. He clapped and the chandeliers came further down over the table, lighting the room.

“Was that magic?” Kai asked astonishingly.

“Magic?” Daryn asked puzzled. “I’m no magician. I’m a scientist!”

Alba worded “scientist” and Daryn tapped the edge of his head surprised.

“I forgot! It must be centuries now. Long ago, before your grandparents,” Daryn pointed at Kai, “there was once a great war. The Great Science War. It eradicated science and technology. People like me have been hiding and soon science became a legend of magic instead of reason and curiosity. Society opted for fanciful ideas to scare each other into submission and obedience instead of being brave enough to find answers.”

Both Alba and Kai were wide eyed in awe and Kai excitedly asked, “will you show us some more of your science?”

The question excited Daryn and he immediately jumped up at the opportunity to give a tour of his science experiment. It had been a long since anyone had visited him and wanted to see more science. Alba and Kai wandered in amazement as Nonno walked closely behind.

It was late in the night as they took what Daryn called, “a lift”, which was a contraption in the middle of the room that pulled them up to the top floor where a rather large room with a floor-to-ceiling window allowed them a view of the night sky.

“I think sleep is in order,” Nonno announced, cutting Daryn’s tour short.

Daryn appeared perplexed and looked up to see twin moons glowing above them and realized it was night. He quickly scrambled to a corner and pulled out some old cot and laid it out for all to sleep.

“Why did people start a war on science when what you have is so amazing?” Alba asked as she settled in.

“Science is only wonderful to the curious minds. To others, it is an unknown mystery and we are creatures who fear the unknown. And science can create things unimaginable. It can create things that other will envy and envy can lead to disaster. But enough of that. Sleep is in order.”

Daryn clapped three times and the lights turned off with only the moons to light the room.

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Author’s Note

When I was a child, I was really into science and had actually spent many summers in science camp. But then I failed in calculus and I hated lab work and was introduced into art and dance and found my way into art department in college instead. Nonetheless, I hold science in high regards and am always amazed when people has a bias that they know better and have formed their own opinion about science, even to the point of rejecting science. I find it interesting that they can reject parts of science while embracing other parts of it.

I always imagine that ignorance will rise to power one day and overthrow science and technology, returning humanity to an agrarian culture, much like how Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge attempted, in order for a “better society.”

But without science, will knowledge and curiosity be obsolete? Would it be deemed dangerous? Is ignorance truly bliss?

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