All the things I’d like to try someday


Would you dare to scuba dive in a coral reef if you don’t know how to swim? Or would that make you want to learn to swim?

If you could, would you travel to space? Or would you just prefer zero gravity simulation instead?

Since you’re a foodie, you’ve eaten a lot of food and have never been one to shy away from new dishes—as long as you’re not allergic to it? Would you maybe try to eat the biggest pho noodle bowl? Or the largest pizza? How about keeping it local? Would you try to eat all the ramen or pizza joints in Astoria? That sounds awfully like a challenge worth trying if only you wouldn’t gain weight.

Would you try to read all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets? At least you know you hate Dickens’ too much to try HIS whole collection.

Maybe you’d like to try teaching one day if you ever get that teaching certificate.

Would you like to try give up control and just enjoy life by throwing out your calendar and reminders and task lists? After all, you are lucky to be alive so why not just enjoy it?