Bad Boy, you? I Don’t Think So.

To me, Mr. Rochester is the epitome of a bad boy. Oh, I know there are plenty of them bad boys littered throughout history and literature. James Dean, Warren Beatty, heck, even Marquis de Sade. We all have our fetishes and desire but there’s something about bad boys, and I don’t mean the guys who beat you up because they have a small dick or small brains (that’s not a man, barely human!). What I mean is the one who throws caution to the wind, reckless, and spontaneously wild driving you into the sunset. One taste of them, you’ll either swear by them, or completely swear them off. As the saying goes, don’t play with fire if you’re not ready.

What makes them so irresistible? Don’t we just want nice boys who make us laugh? Sure, some women want that stable healthy relationship. Maybe it’s an age old desire from the Victorian age or cro magnum period where we want to be ferociously kissed out of our wits and swept up a red carpeted grand staircase in the arms of Rhett Butler like some brainless bimbo. Ah…I, too, have my weakness.

So after long, thoughtful reveries and memory lane, I compiled a short list of what makes it to be a bad boy.

He gives off that hint of danger

At a school dance, that boy who lurks in the dark bleachers, prowling casually, aimlessly, too good to be there but one look from him, you run into the dark, eager to do some dirty forbidden deed.

He doesn’t do anything but everything seems to do him

Such things as women, jobs, etc…arrogant bastard he can be sometimes.

He is independent

None of that mother loading crap. If he is still living at home, I don’t care if he has slept with a million women, he’s just a big baby who can’t afford or is a coward to earn his own ways. But when a man doesn’t have any thing that ties him down, the opportunities for adventure are boundless! Ride me into that sunset!

He does what he wants

I don’t mean [South Park] Cartman’s “I do what I want” schpeel. There’s this Thai lakorn, Prisoner of Love (O-M-G, I know, the title is beyond laughable but the show is so addicting), our hero, Hiran wanted to take revenge despite it being completely wrong to do. But he did it anyways. Selfish, spoiled, and stubborn, he’s outrageous but gawd…something about that is such a turn on. A man who knows what he wants and gets, not caring about how it hurts other people. What an asshole!

He scoffs the law

Mr. Rochester didn’t care he had a wife. He was determined to have Jane. Mostly, because he felt the law was tricked upon him and why should he be oppressed by it when he knew what he wanted?

He is aloof

The allure of a man drinking alone without being a pissed drunk fool is more compelling than the fool in front of you trying his hardest to impress and retain your attention.

He is emotionally distant/closed up.

Oh, Rapee from Samee…(another Thai lakorn), how you go through life without giving into any women, no matter the traps they lay on you. You just refuse to be attached to someone. No one can break that ice but the allure, the mystery of what could be underneath all that cold facade intrigues the chase even more.

He is a heartbreaker.

Isn’t there a saying? Reformed rakes make the best husbands. Enough said.

You’ll probably figure out I read too many novels and watch too many Asian dramas.

But like I said, once bitten, twice shy. Bad boys are…a league of their own so play with fire at your own risk.

As a final thought, adventures and intrigues doesn’t take a bad boy to come sweeping into your life to get your heart racing. It just takes someone who’s willing to do it all with you. It’s takes your own willingness and sense of adventure to get there.