Birthday Week Celebration!


It’s one more year past and one more year of experience.

Since I’m still between jobs, I decided to take the week off to do some exploration of NYC. I decided to visit places that are a bit far to travel when I’m working.

Exploration 1: The Cloister

The Cloister

I chose this place mostly to look for illuminated manuscript for my calligraphy business. View post on Sweet Sincerely.

Exploration 2: Coney Island

Coney Island

I love going to Coney Island just to have something from Nathan’s Famous. It’s also a nostalgic place for long ago childhood.

When I was there, I was happily surprised to see so many type signage also inspiration for my calligraphy business. View post on Sweet Sincerely.

Exploration 3: Intrepid and Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

The Starfleet Academy Experience

My final celebration was at the Intrepid Museum. In all my years living in New York, I’ve never been to the Intrepid since it’s so far on the other side of the city.

But with the 34th St/Hudson Yard station built, it made the avenue crossing much shorter! And a nice stroll along the Hudson Greenway taking you up to The Intrepid.

The Intrepid

There’s a timed ticket to get into the Starfleet Academy Experience and surprisingly, there’s quite a line. When I bought tickets, I called ahead and they told me 10AM is the best time before all the tour groups arrive at 12PM. So with that advice, I booked at 10AM. We got wrist watch so that for every activity we did, we “log in” and it stores our activity. There were some issues with the PC machines though. But I love the history timeline, the costumes, the games, quiz, and the transporter. Too bad there were no holodeck! It was not crowded but we could tell that more people were still arriving.

The Starfleet Academy Experience

The Star Trek Experience is a different admission but you can buy a package to visit the Intrepid for a discounted price. So after exploring Starfleet Academy, I took the opportunity to see the Intrepid. It smells like lead and metal. It feels small and cramp but it’s huge!

The Intrepid

After a hot and humid day of touring, we decided on lunch. I had walked passed a restaurant with the word “lobster” and so we went there. It was called North River Lobster Company, a floating lobster shack. I didn’t quite understand what that meant but was pleasantly surprised that it was a boat that did a 45 minute tour up the Hudson River while we could eat! We arrived at 1230PM and the boat was heading out at 1PM so we came at good time, ordering food and sitting in the back of the boat with a view of the city and New Jersey.

North River Lobster Company | Floating Lobster Shack NYC