Breakfast Quinoa

After spending the whole winter making overnight oats, I’m venturing out for other breakfast options that can be prepped ahead. I used to have arugula egg salad sandwich that I thought it might be interesting to use egg on quinoa with veggies as something to prep ahead.

The main ingredient for this make-ahead breakfast is quinoa! And then add veggies and proteins as you see fit. I’ve listed below some options for you to try.

My garden of herbs is finally exploding from the heat so I was able to cut some fresh mint, parsley, and oregano to add to the quinoa.

Breakfast Quinoa


  • 1 cup of quinoa, cooked
  • maison jars

Optional Ingredients

  • salt
  • eggs
  • herbs
  • greens (I used swiss chards and some green beans for this recipe)
  • roasted veggies (I roasted some carrots, beets, and fennels but you don’t need this portion.)
  • bacon/veggie bacon (I used Morning Star veggie bacon to keep it vegetarian)
Breakfast Quinoa


  1. As the quinoa is finished cooking, add herbs and salt. Mix well and let it cool.
  2. I used a small mason jar for this. Since I eat directly out of the mason jar, I first add 1/4 cup of quinoa (cooked) and then veggies before topping it off with egg and bacon. I’d reverse the order if you pouring the cup into a bowl.

You should have 4 jars ready for the week! I know it looks small but you’d be surprised how much quinoa can fill you up. It’s healthy without the normal sugar rush but is full of protein.

Add other options that might be to your taste like chickpeas, beans, nuts, etc.

Breakfast Quinoa

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