Short Story: Always Perfect

Chapter 1 I hadn’t always loved him. In fact, I thought he was by far, the rudest, most snobbiest boy in school and always steered clear of his ways, including his entourage. In fact, I steered clear of most people’s way while at the music conservatory. It was a school for the rich and prestigious….

Ka-kei: An Interpretation of A Traditional Folklore

In the ancient kingdom of the majestic Kampuchea, long before the war–before famine, poverty, and sadness—on sweltering hot nights, when dusk had barely settled beyond the horizon, a waft of heady miasma intoxicated and seduced the restless souls. It is the scent of a beautiful flower that blooms only at night like a maiden tossing…

All This Time

The dim candlelight flickered like mournful souls swaying back and forth, throwing their bodies to the ground for passerbys who might chance stop and offer a scrap of food or pity. Please, please, they beg. Have mercy, they wail. They wept like the crying of her heart, the loathsome pitiful creature she was.

Only Love

A flash of lightning struck somewhere nearby, briefly lighting the dark room that had become her prison. The black iron bar glimmered with wetness from the onslaught of rain sent from the sinister heaven as it raced down her windowpane—the three windows that occupied her room in the tower that no one could get in…