Compass or Pendulum

If feelings were easily swayed, I’d asked to be a pendulum that tells time. But since I’m not, I’d rather be a compass that tells direction. And the direction that I’ve taken all my life has had mixed reviews. I have made many wrong impressions. I have made many right choices. But a compass is never constant. There are times that North will point to the south pole.

The times I spent with you were happy times. There are a million reasons for them but there are no words to describe them. When I said what I felt for you, I was resolute in my assumption of yours. But did I read you wrong? Won’t you at least tell me what you’re feeling? I don’t want to hear from others what they think. I don’t want to assume anymore. I’d rather hear the truth from you.

If North is actually pointing to South, I’d rather know it was just a glitch than go on believing I misread it.