Cooking Class: Polynesian Dishes

One day, Groupon offered a cooking class deal and my coworkers and I decided to jump on it and take the opportunity to spend the night out. Of course, when we booked the class, I didn’t know that it would on my second to last day at work.

So as part of celebrating my good-bye before the imminent blizzard, we caught some drinks and appetizer by the Meatpacking District. Of course, we didn’t realize how shi-shi that area is and the first few bars we passed, we got rejected! Not really, it was just they had private menus. Eventually, we settled at Sea Thai across from the beer garden of the Standard hotel.

Dinner/Drink rush

After little appetizers and some drinks, we moseyed back up to Cook&Go for our Polynesian cooking. Turns out, at this location, we would only learn to prep and we would finish everything at home. I was a bit disappointed but at the same time, it was a good thing that night because I was really out of it from the glass of wine I had and was really seeking my bed.
Glass windows into the class

We are so fierce, getting ready to attack this meal.
We're ferocious!

Our first course was making Polynesian Swordfish poke, which is basically a ceviche but with coconut milk, which was absolutely amazing! Of course, I quite love ceviche of any kind.
Preparing the swordfish poke

The main course was Polynesian pineapple-pork skewers and a sweet potato bread cake, which I thought was a bit of a letdown when I finally made it. The sweet potato cake was great though.
Polynesian pineapple-pork skewers and a sweet potato bread cake

Dessert was lime sablee with a coconut-banana coulis, which reminds me of madeline cake. It was delicious but I felt too crumbly to handle well.
Lime sablee with a coconut-banana coulis

Finally, I spent the next afternoon at home finishing up the dishes we prepped.
Polynesian menu at Cook & Go

Cook & Go is an interesting concept but it’s not an ideal cooking class. I didn’t learn anything new, such as skills or useful tips for cooking. But it’s a cute idea for friends and/or dating. It also had great accommodating time, which is useful for workaholics, and they served free wine.