Day 7: Hasta Luego

It was the end of the trip. Costa Rica is indeed an adventure vacation. It is a place of tranquility, beauty, natural wonders, and geniality. It felt like the longest vacation I ever had. We did so much, ate well, slept well, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I admit, I did not miss anyone or anything for that matter.

We had to catch a bus at 6AM so sadly, we bid our host, Jesse, farewell the night before. We spent several hours getting to know her and she to us. Her love story is the type of love story that took lots of time but when it was the right person, it was a short whirlwind courtship. She told us, when you are young, you love with your heart and your guts but when you grow older, you love with your mind. I would like to remember that as it has been what I’m endeavoring to try. You could have one night of great love that floods you but quickly drains out of your life, leaving your world damaged and ruined. Then there is that person who loves you like a stream of water constantly trickling, slowing boring into your heart of stone until it has become a part of you, neverending, everlasting. I pray with all my heart, I would be fortunate enough to meet that person.

I smile now when I think of Costa Rica. It gave my new year a great start. I hope the year continues to grow from here, opening my eyes to beginnings and chances. No matter how lost I am in my current world, I hope I won’t lose sight of what is most important to me: finding magic and love even when there’s none.