Digging For Diamonds

Salt rock chandelier at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, my boyfriend sent me this photo many moons ago from his travels

Diamonds don’t fall from the sky, my mother used to say. If you want something, you’ve got to get dirty and dig for them.

Whether it’s love or career, though it seems like things just come to place, my mother is right. I had to work hard, get into the thick of the mud, excavate the cave, and learn to tell the difference between a rock and a diamond in the rough.

When things come too easily to someone, it’s taken for granted.

For example, learning is easy for me that sometimes, I don’t believe when someone else has a hard time. It doesn’t seem feasible! I took it for granted that I picked up things quickly.

To me, the hardest thing about education was the money. To others who got a free ride, they failed or gave halfhearted essays and project. I thought college was a placed for people geared for education but it’s really an extension of high school. It’s a shame, really.

My career path was a bit windy at first. I was disappointed for a long time but I had people who believed in me and gave me chances. I worked hard, I made lots of good connection, and I’m on a path that I’m happy with and look forward to seeing flourish even more so.

Love was altogether a crash and burn situation and sometimes an endless drought. But when I put my mind to something and project it to the universe what I wanted, I got what I had wanted since I first read Pride and Prejudice at the young age of 14.

Sitting around watching tv, playing games, and sleeping most of your life away isn’t going to get you to the point you want. It’s about determination, direction, and focus. If you dig deep and dig hard, you’ll carve a tunnel to that cave of diamond that it’ll seem like it fell on you.