“Doubt Thou The Stars Are Fire” Prologue

Here is a sneak peek into my new story. I was inspired by Cosmos (the TV show) and Shakespeare’s famous lines from Hamlet.

This is the song that helped set the mood for me to write it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

* * *

Let me begin this story by telling you, this universe is not a stagnant and unchanging universe. No, it is ever changing and moveable. Vast and incalculable and sometimes unpredictable, it may be. But nonetheless, all the more beautiful and mysterious to the untrained naked eyes.

It may seem like the universe is an inanimate object, devoid of life–or at least, life as human beings may know of it. But like human beings, the universe has births, lifespans, and eventual deaths. However, every death brings forth a new life. And though the universe may seem impenetrable and wondrous, there lurks danger that could rip the vastness into chaos, into a void that no one could ever imagine or should ever imagine.

For Nothing is the most feared of all fear.

To keep this universe safe and balanced, twelve guardians were created at the beginning of time. They fell through a black hole from their universe into a miasma haze, red and smoky, churning with waves of colliding stars and planets and asteroids. This haze is called the Cradle of Life, where the fallen stars and planets and asteroids are reborn into new stars, new planets, and new asteroids.

But wherever there is life, there is the unknown.

The unknowns are seeds planted into the minds of beings that disturb the beautiful balance of the universe. They create chaos wherever they go.

It is the guardian’s role to see that no unknowns pass through the Cradle of Life.

However, guardians are living beings, no matter how celestial they are. They die like all beings and during their death, the unknown slips through until a new guardian replaces them.

And this story begins when a guardian dies.