DragonCon Day 1

DragonCon 2013

DragonCon officially starts on Friday. I thought would be a good idea to arrive a day early so that I could take a drive through Atlanta. But alas, this year, everyone arrived Thursday, which made for bad travels and movements throughout Atlanta. Last year, even when I woke up to go to the gym, nary a person in sight but this year, it was half full. I thought maybe its a fluke.

We returned to the Corner Bakery, which is cheaper breakfast food than the hotel’s brunch and less people. But again, this year, it was completely crowded. It has gotten much more popular with geeks and nerd alongside fake nerds having gone mainstream!
Corner Bakery

As most panels start at 10AM, I made my way to the Writer’s Track at the Hyatt Hotel. The first session was How to Write a Story in an Hour. I thought, great, this must be about techniques and ideas how to take some time out of one’s busy life to write. Instead, it became a session for wannabe writers to show off their imagination with “catlords” and catnip family. Yes, it was quite bizarre. I was sorely disappointed, as many fans were too as they left halfway through the hour session.

Having left that, I found my way to a belly dancing class. It was so much fun! I got to move, dance, and learn. There should be more of these interactive sessions.

With the influx of newbies, the crowd and the heat, I found my way back to the hotel where the best shows and pieces were playing on TV. Dragoncon TV! Best nerdy pieces ever with great fake movie titles! I ended up spending a good portion of my day in bed watching this until I realized there’s a world of people outside. I feel so awkward with people and society.

My friend and I dropped by at high tea with steam punk duel. Yes, there was a duel between steampunk cosplayers. It was very interesting. As much as I love steampunk, attending those tracks, I’m always reminded of the lack of race. In general, conventions like these have a majority of white people. I’m curious about this and what can one do to promote these sub-genres of science fiction, fantasy, and literature, and imagination.

My day ended having dinner at Pittypat’s Porch, one of the oldest Southern restaurants, as claimed by our waitress. There’s a side buffet which comes with the meal. And it had to be one of the best southern meal I’ve had! The chicken was so juicy and soft and the bread pudding was sinfully sweet with a hint of bourbon.
Pittypat's Porch

And if you remember, Pittypat is the aunt that Scarlett O’Hara visited while she stayed in Atlanta so of course,the restaurant is full of Gone with the Wind memorabilia and live piano player with southern rockers overlooking the restaurant.
Pittypat's Porch

So as everyone moseyed down to various balls, zombie walk, costume parties, I rushed to the room to avoid the long elevator wait to watch more Dragoncon TV. It’s rather addicting for a homebody like myself.