DragonCon Day 3

DragonCon 2013

Technically, Sunday is our last day at DragonCon as flying back to NYC on Monday can be hellish if you need to return to work the next day as I’ve learnt the year before. So to finish the last day, I woke up early to a quiet morning as most of the attendees are still fast asleep from a night of geeky and nerdy debauchery.

Because most people are asleep, we were able to get head to the food court without fighting for our lives. My boyfriend always tries to get a DQ ice cream when he visits Atlanta so he got an ice cream for breakfast while I got a poorly made French toast and scrambled eggs. At least the wait was only 5 minutes.

Caribou Coffee, which opened early (and apparently stays open until 2AM) took 10 minutes from start to finish. They had some fun geeky drinks but I stuck to my normal soy chai latte.

10AM rolled around and the vendors opened and I rushed over to get gifts for friends. It was still full but not full of stinky people yet. Yes, if one must go to vendors later in the after own, one must be prepared to wear a mask to avoid some bodily scent that should be left to the late summer night E train.

Lunch was a simple fare of street ice pop, raspberry lime and herbes de provence flavor. The heat quickly melted the ice as we rushed into the Westin for the Apocalypse Rising track called 10 Days Later. It was more about preaching on how to prepare oneself. It was silly but a fun listen. What I took away was SPAM lasts forever and we must save the library.

There had been weather speculation of severe thunderstorm for e whole weekend and it finally came, crashing down like someone opened a door with a bucket at the top, water spilling down in droves. Despite the rain, the heat and humidity would not abate but not risking the wet weather, I took the dreaded sky bridge between hotels to attend other sessions.

Our final dinner was at Sear, the Marriott Marquis restaurant. It was a smoke southern fare. At the point, I was very tired of eating out and looking forward to some home cooked meal. I ordered from the appetizer menu but what came out was basically a meal!

After dinner, I rushed out to walk my boyfriend to the Star Trek line. There was an attempt to break the World’s Record for most people dressed as various Star Trek characters, first made in Las Vegas. That’s just too much!

Alas, the count was just shy 200 to beat the record but still pretty cool to see, it was also the first largest number at Dragon*con.

As it was the last night and our flight was early, we went to bed early. Our wake up call was 330AM and when we went downstairs at 4AM, people were just returning from the masquerade ball, many milling about, ordering food, etc. It’s amazing how people party all weekend long, I’ve passed the age and energy to do any of that. Vacations for me include sleeping in, eating well, and relaxing. Running around like a chicken without a head, dodging 55,000 costumers, and being beaten by the heat and humidity is enough to make anyone want to have a vacation from a vacation.