Empty Compliments and Empty Pockets

I always believed that love would be enough to keep a relationship binding. I believed that if I loved him enough, maybe even more a smidgeon more than him, I could keep the relationship together. I would shower him with compliments, praises, and gifts, and all my love. Isn’t that what all the movies have shown?

But as I grew up and had my own relationships and watched others’ relationship, I started to see that love is never enough. It’s enough only during the happy and stable moments. But what happens when you are in a financial strait or emotional trauma?

When I was on a train ride home, I saw a couple, the man complimenting and praising her, boastfully, loudly. I thought, which part of that is true? Does stating it aloud make it more permanent? More real? More truthful? Does sealing it with a kiss close up any gap of distrust and baggage and lies? Does proclaiming it provide a roof? Provide food? Sure, it’ll provide the heart some jolt of joy and stomach afluttered with butterflies. Sure, it’ll make you feel amazing. But when all is said and done, will that person be there for you in your darkest moments? Will that person take care of you? Will that person bear the burden you’ve held over your head alone this whole time? Or will that person hand out empty promises and empty pockets leaving you to carry your burden alone again?

The men who have been boastful of their love have never put me first in their life. They put themselves first—made themselves look like they are the hero. I don’t want prince charming. I want an honest man with quiet words, deep thoughts and strong conviction.

I don’t want him to tell the world how great I am. I want him to show me that he paid attention to me, the quirks I do, the pain I am going through, the desire to be just held quietly and honestly love me without lies and guilt.

So when I see a couple post their proclamation of love to the world everyday, I can’t help but think, are you overcompensating for something that you are failing in your relationship?