Oh, Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding…


The end of 2017 rolls around with lots of happiness, tears, and fears. While this year has been quite a roller coaster on all fronts, December becomes the designated month of reflection (while trying to sneak in some holiday shopping). But it’s also my month of holiday movie binge watching!

While watching A Christmas Kiss (I adore that movie!) (watch on Netflix or Amazon), I was intrigued by that scene where they tried figgy pudding. Is it really as bad as they say because I quite like British dessert (hence, my very British sounding husband)?

So I scoured the web for an “easy” recipe and settled on the Food Network’s Warm Sticky Pudding.

I opted out of the sticky part and used homemade custard (like the ones I love from Tea & Sympathy) and added a side of dark chocolate sea salt caramel. I know! It sounds oh, so decadent. And this recipe gets a A+ from me! Try it out! And eat it while watching A Christmas Kiss.

Figgy Pudding