Heart-Day Dinner

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day could just be another ordinary day but it’s definitely a GREAT excuse to have a special romantic dinner at home with candles, flowers and wine. I got a text message from my mother, which always feels good. And I got my dog a toy. I know that everyday should be a day to tell your loved ones you loved them, but it’s not a bad idea to a commercial reminder once in awhile.

As for myself, I was planning a romantic dinner at home. I spent a lot of time researching on Pinterest and the web coming up with some food. I knew I wanted monkfish as the main course. So when I found the recipe for bacon wrapped monkfish, the rest came together.

I started the dinner with a heart shape napoleon tuna tartare; whole grain toast, avocado, tuna tartare drizzled with truffle butter. You can find similar recipe here at Emeril Lagasse’s site.

Tuna Tartare

I prepped the sauce the night before since it was the most time-consuming part of the recipe. I used Canadian bacon and it was quite a hefty meal. Do try to buy only half a pound of monkfish if you are serving only 2 people.

Bacon monkfish with mushroom tomato sauce

And dessert was a vegan pannacotta, which I like to call tofucotta, infused in lavender and served on strawberry sauce with chocolate granola. Recipe here.

Lavender Tofucotta with Strawberry Sauce