I promise to myself


Before I turn 34, I promise to consider starting a family.

Before I turn 35, I shall have visited Cambodia.

Before I turn 36, I will publish a novel, even if it’s for free on Kindle.

Before I turn 37, I promise to appreciate myself and have better self confidence.

Before I turn 38, I will save enough money for a 3 year emergency fund.

Before I turn 39, I promise to love with all my heart, forgive the past, and learn to move on.

Before I turn 40, I promise to learn how to swim.

In my forties, I promise to keep working and earning money with a goal for a happier life. I will have learn to let go of wants that make me spend frivolously. I will stop asking “what have I done with my life” and comparing myself to others because we are all on different paths and struggles. I will forgive myself for missteps and mishaps. I am only the best I can be.

At 50, I’ll have finally be my mother’s age, wondering what she was going through in her 50s. Will I even make it to 50? Will the world even last that long?

I can only promise the things within my reach but I do promise to continue loving myself and forgiving myself.