It was an extraordinary day…


It was an overcast day, the ground still wet from a misting rain that persisted throughout the day. Did it rain while the hooding ceremony proceeded inside the chapel? It was the day my mother finally saw her first child graduate from college—the first in a family of farmers.

It was a clear blue day, 10AM Central European time when we landed in Charles de Gaulle, the first time outside of the country since moving to the states. Not a single cloud in the sky, the sun burning our heads as we made our way through the Louvre Courtyard towards the Tuileries Garden.

The day was gray with thick heavy clouds, cool by a morning rain and the afternoon seemed to be doomed for another storm but one never came. Instead an odd girl came up to ask if we’d like to play catch with the ocean with her as she used a seaweed as a hat.

There was another day—a day that lasted longer than 12 hours—when it was a cold morning with bright sun, clear blue sky. The tempestuous English weather suddenly rolled in a dark clouds and wailing wind as we hiked up a hill overlooking Caledonia’s ancient city. Light rain kissed our vows and the heaven—our witness—promising to love and stay by each other even universe has no more stars.