Jazz Cruising into Her 30th

Jazz Brunch Cruise

“The training wheels are officially off,” said my friend on her 30th birthday.

It’s true because I found the 20s was just an extension of one’s teenage years, full of angst, uncertainty, self consciousness, and self loathing at times. But something clicks when you reach a certain point and life changes, in a very good way. Work is still hard and loathsome at times. But life appears more vast and more exciting, if you don’t have regrets and longing for the past. It has open-doors everywhere and any of them can be great if you took a chance, instead of holding on to memories.

My friend hasn’t always been the type of girl to put herself out there. But in the past couple of years, she’s been slowly moving out of the shell she encompassed herself. She ventured out of several doors, sometimes running through them, and seeing the world! And I found I love her even more, admire her strength to face her fears, and am encouraged by her outlook on life. She may not have been the outgoing, rambunctious, party goer, drinker, and average 20 years old but she has always been a constant friend even with distance.

I was so excited when she invited me to her 30th birthday party on a jazz cruise on the Hudson River. I didn’t know anyone save her parents who I haven’t seen since sophomore year in college. But the moment they saw me, they all hugged and kissed me, enveloping me into their family. I felt so loved and welcomed. There was no pretension or ingenuity.

Her family and friends are loving, respectful, and just so much fun. They never made me feel like an outsider or the random friend who wanted brunch buffet on a cruise with them (the company makes the food and the entire experience amazing!).

I feel so grateful to know her and her family and friends.

Prepping for the cruise
Prepping the cruise with some motion sickness pills and keeping hydrated in the heat.

Pier 40
Arriving at Pier 40. Fortunately, there was a sign to the ship.

Hornblower Cruise and Event
Amazing venue for a great price!

From Infinity to Beyond!
They seated us to a large table for 13 as a jazz trio played music as we entered.

Buffet time
I think I overdid my first plate.

Dessert was overfloweth!

Hanging out with the birthday girl
Hanging out with the birthday girl on the top deck as we arrive towards the Statue of Liberty.

Ending the cruise with cake and view of Statue of Liberty
Ending the cruise with cake and view of Statue of Liberty. Did you know her parents have been together and in love for over 30 years? I can’t wait until that’ll be me one day.