Lamb Chorizo Dirty Rice Mix

This past weekend, which was absolutely beautiful compared this week which has been below freezing (I’m thankful there has been no snow, which would have made the work week miserable), my roommate and I were planning to go to a knitting store down by Union Square. When we got out the train, the smell of fresh seafood and hustle and bustle of the Greenmarket lured us in. We walked around, tasted bites, and envied those people who were buying loads of apple donuts.

When I first moved to New York, I remembered thinking, everything is so expensive. But now that I’ve managed my money better, buying organic and state-grown food and vegetables have been on my mind.

We passed by the Catskill Merino Lamb where I saw hangings of yarns and shuffled over as my roommate was lured to the smell of grilled lamb. Along with some yarn, I also got a sample of lamb chorizo. Thankfully, there were a few rolls lefts and I bought it by the pound.

My roommate grilled the lamb chorizo as if with some salad but I decided to go for a bit heartier meal.

I have boxes of rice which I buy whenever I see them on sale.

For this recipe, I worked out about 6 inches of lamb chorizo to the mix and added some frozen broccoli. This turned out to be my lunch for the entire week at work.


  • some lamb chorizo
  • dirty rice mix (I would use any mix that’s spicy)
  • a handful of broccoli
Lamb Chorizo

I cooked the chorizo first, making sure the oil thinned out, blotting it out with paper towel.

dirty rice mix

When the meat is cooked, I added the mix sans oil since the meat gave off a lot already. Follow the instruction on box. When it’s almost done boiling off, just add some cooked vegetables.

Lamb Chorizo Dirty Rice Mix

I served only half a cup of this mix with a side of salad and some fish. In this case, I had served it with pine-nut crusted fish.