Love’s Bound

As an onlooker to those involved, acquainting anew, and falling apart, love seems to be overcomplicated and stretched taut. In theory, such love between two people in both the physical and emotional sense is simple. It is an act between these two creature who care for each other with no debt or pity involved. It is the longing of one another’s company in both friendly and amorous ways. Love is not bounded by time and cannot be counted by human hand so why must we start complicating it by human ideas?

Of course, who hasn’t had their fair share of hurt and pain? Who hasn’t learned to move on? It’s like the first time you fall off a bike. You’re scraped, bruised, and might have even broken or twisted a bone but amazingly, the human body heals. So passion may alter leaving love to be a distant memory, but truly, it is a constant in our life in many shape and form. It hurts, sometimes to the point where a day cannot start without a tear. But the pain lessons and we heal. Why then do we allow a disastrous affair or a scorned remark to cause us to turn our back to love, spurning the thought of being its fool again? But to do so, chances are missed. Chances will escape.

Because love cannot be and ought not be dictated by a planner or a blackberry schedule, time should not be a factor on our moves. It may be one year or one minute from the time we ached over love’s lost to rejoice over love’s gain, but time will find its worthy adversary in love for only between the party involved can love be measured in compassion, in kisses, in dreams, and many other things.

When we do find someone worthy of our love and ours theirs, why then must we fear to tread on glasses when we have sturdy shoes honed by the years past? If we are brave enough to accept our feelings, ought we then brave enough to accept the consequences and gifts bestowed from it? Is that not the purpose of love? For its tumultuous ride that heaves our entire body with our soul hanging by a thread only to be rewarded by the calm breeze after the storm?