Meet Me In Switzerland

Meet Me in Switzerland

Switzerland has never been on my list of countries to visit, since I don’t enjoy the cold. I prefer warm weather, old buildings, history and romance, or blazing sun on white sand beach with warm teal water. And since the country is in fact surrounded by the Alps, it didn’t seem like the most seasonable situation for me. Weather Channel is forecasting rain the time I’ll be there. Alas, temperature and precipitation aside, who could refuse a request to be a date at a ball in a palace?

I know, I have this fascination for palaces and castles, especially in Europe. It must be all those Disney movies that have brainwashed me.

As it turns out, my flight will be the day after my anniversary. Since we couldn’t spend our 3 year mark together, we decided you meet in Geneva, Switzerland. Well, that’s the closet airport to Montreux, where our stay will be situated.

Please, please, don’t let me get lost!

So while the ball will be held at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, we’ll be staying at a more affordable hotel nearby though from all accounts, it’s supposed to be one of the best hotels. I will keep you updated of its location and possible grandeur.

Invitation to ball

Montreux is a small town at the northern tip of Lake Geneva, so an hour train ride from Geneva is in order after flight arrival.

Since we only have 3 days in Switzerland before spending the other half of the week in Italy, it’s going to be a jam packed adventure and I plan to see as much as possible in Switzerland, since I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

These are my top 4 must-do/see places in Montreux:

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon

Freddie Mercury Statue

Freddie Mercury statue

The Golden Pass Train

The Golden Pass train

Hiking the Alps

Hiking the Alps

But what I’m looking forward most is to see my boyfriend again. Ah, the long distance relationship weeks we go through. Stay tune for my travelogue!