Move to Astoria

Finally, moved into to my own apartment!

I used to live alone for a long time. For over 4 years in fact and loved every moment of it. When the opportunity arose that my old college roommate needed a roommate in her parents house, I moved in, giving up much of my autonomy, but enjoyed her company and having our dogs as playmates.

At the time, we were both single, working professional with goals and dreams. But time change and we moved on and grew up. We each found significant others and 3 became a crowd. So when my lease ended in May, I started to look for a new place. I wanted to wait to move in with my boyfriend but his place doesn’t allow for pets.

When August came around, I knew it was time to move.

I spent the early part of my 30th birthday stressed at work and stressed finding a place. While the first apartment I applied for fell through, I persevered alone and got a place.

It is located in a quiet neighborhood in Astoria, near the first apartment I had rented when I first relocated. It’s not the ideal location or price but it was the only option I had at the last minute. It’s a close walk to Socrates Sculpture Park, Astoria Park, 20 minute walk to Museum of Moving Images, and near the hospital.

It’s a new start, finally in charge of bills and having a lease with my name.

Five and a half hours of moving was spent mostly waiting for the elevator to reach the penthouse, trying to organize in content in the van, and getting stuck in traffic by LaGuardia Airport. The move out took a long time but the move in went by quickly as we just dropped off boxes. It’s quite a mess.

The day ended beautifully as we drove to drop the Zipvan in the city with my dog and sat at the park people watching.

The next two days were spent unpacking and exploring Astoria. With Ker Ai, we went to explore Astoria Park under Triboro Bridge. We found a Maltese Center!

Socrates Park is only a 20 minute slow walk away and faces the Roosevelt Island and the city. You can even see the lonely lighthouse across the way from a small sand beach.

Exiting Socrates Sculpture Park, we took Broadway straight to 31st and turned right until we got to Kaufman Studio and Museum of Moving Images, which we kindly named MoMI.

Overall, I am very excited to continue exploring Astoria. My boyfriend and I are planning to eat every restaurant and bakery on 30 Avenue from Crescent Street to Steinway Street. One year of Astoria should give us enough time to explore and enjoy all that Astoria offers.