My Perfectly Imperfect Man

Ever consider making the perfect man? What would the recipe be like? How would it taste like? If he’s risky and outgoing, would he be tangy? If he’s hot and vivacious, would he be spicy? For awhile, I really thought that the type of food you like to eat could dictate the person you would like to meet. I’m still testing that out.

The perfect man for me for would be perfectly flawed. A chip here. A chip there. Some dust, some cracks. But let me help heal some of the wounds. Let me dust some of the specs. And I would like the same in return. And like many women, I think I want someone like Mr. Darcy. Tall, handsome, ambitious, protector, and much more. But he is flawed. Perfectly flawed for Elizabeth Bennet’s wild, strong, outspoken personality.

I have a friend, name not said but begins with C, who loves spicy, rich food. I bet she likes someone outgoing, vivacious, charismatic, ambitious, and full of life (not to mention HOT). Then I have another friend, J, who doesn’t like spicy food. She wants a man opposite of all that. She likes sweet, but she has admitted that she “tend[s] to go to tart because it entices [her]”. Men, beware. She may want you to be romantic in a sense but you ought to have a dry sarcastic sense of humor to keep her on her toes with you. And she will try different food if you can convince her. She will try different types of men (in many different ways, might I add?).

As for me, I like a little bland…a little sweet, a little of everything. I want just enough to taste something but not to overwhelm my senses. The type of man I want is a little of everything. A jack of all trades, I assume. But I like a man to be romantic though not overwhelmingly romantic. I like him to be ambitious but he needs to have time for me too. I want him to protect me but let me be independent.

Having spoken to a friend today, if I could list 5 things I want and don’t want in a man, here they are:

1. Tall
2. Must have some sort of goal in life and strive for it
3. Intelligent
4. Humor: I like the dry sarcastic ones
5. Patient with me, cares for me, protects me, advises me, and allows me to grow

1. SHORT!!!! NO!!!! Nothing below 5’8″
2. Suffocating, demanding, attention-seeker
3. Abusive, fuckwit, pervert, workaholic
4. Dishonest and untrustworthy
5. Insecure

Technically, not 5 but it’s listed out as 5.

Though I’m not sad about being single, it’s tough living in New York City being single when you look around and people are with someone or searching for someone. I’m content with my state of singlehood but if I could, I would like to find this perfectly imperfect man. He could be staring right at me and I might not notice.