Nonna’s Tree

This year, Mr. Darcy and I have spent the last month at the bank, the lawyer’s office, moving boxes, buying new furnitures, and overwhelming ourselves with a new home that we didn’t get to do any “holiday” activity except the annual work party. Not that buying a place is not worth it. But it did cramp our schedule. So alas, we did not have time to buy a tree.

Instead this year, I opted for an alternative Christmas tree. I spent a lot of time researching on Google Images and Pinterest for ideas. Many options included building something out of new branches or buying potted trees hanging things on the wall, which were all the things I wanted to avoid. As I was prepping to leave the office one night, I found a crochet in my bag that Nonna had given me the last time I saw her before she passed away. I had used it to decorate the foyer desk. Whilst moving, I didn’t want to lose the crochet and put it in my work bag, not realizing I’ve been carrying it for a month now.

It was then I realized that Nonna had left a box of handmade crochet for us. Thus, this year’s Christmas tree is in honor of Nonna and hoping her spirit is always with us. Merry Christmas Nonna!