Owning a Pet Unicorn

Xiao Ker Ai

I don’t talk much about Xiao Ker Ai (shao kuh-eye) but he’s one of my greatest joy. It’s been 4 and a half year since he’s entered my life and it’s been a whirlwind of fatigue, worry, joy, entertainment, peace, and company. I was never a pet person growing up. My mother dislikes them. But when my friend got a super cute pet and I got to play with him, I thought I could do this. I could own a pet and care for it!

I was a bit naive. Owning a pet is the hardest responsibility I have had up to date. Yes, it’s fun and great but it’s like having a child. Hospital vaccinations, doctors’ visits, runs, daily exercise, daily food intake, and grooming services. Some people own pets and let them sleep outside and grow wild. I just couldn’t see myself doing that. Granted I didn’t get a bulldog or a hound. I got this tiny little teacup that was so small, tender, and delicate.

Four years later, he’s a full grown, slightly oversized pet, but still skinny and healthy. He’s just big-boned. He is incredibly needy, all doors must be unlocked or he will whine and cry. At night, he wants to play. In the morning, he wants to run free. I spoil him greatly.

He has a personality, he feels things. When I am sad, he knows it and stares at me, cuddling with me, nudging me to play with him to forget the sadness. He keeps me company on my late night walks, pulling me away from dodgy areas. He takes on some of my personality: anti-social, quietness, seeking the company of known friends, and loves to eat good food.

People may say he’s dumb but he’s been there for me when others haven’t. He knows all my secrets and doesn’t expose them. He doesn’t backstab me, he doesn’t let bad people near me. He is always jumping for joy, doing his cute waves to beckon me to him when I come home.

I couldn’t imagine my life without him now. I wish they made traveling with pets easier in the states. I would love to travel with him. Maybe one day, when I have a car, we will travel the states and he can mark his territory.