Project: Flowering Teas Instagram photos

I have a penchant for beautifully quiet objects. Contemplative and observant. It’s one of the rules of being a wallflower. Wistful and wishful. Plain and overlooked. But everyone holds some sort of depth. You just have to look for it, if you want to try.

One of the flower gifts I received turned into a personal photo project. It’s really sublime to watch the tea unravel in the water, sending this streams of bubble around it. It’s a treat to drink, watch, and look at beautiful things. Each of the flowering tea has its own title, lending a romantic feel to the overall experience.

At the time, Instagram came to Android phone so I took the chance to test out each of the filters by taking photos of each of the flowering tea. It turned out to be a great project.

Fairy Lily

Sun Flowers

Juliet's kiss

Juliet's kiss

camellia joy

Floating petals

wild flowers

guilded lotus

oriental beauty

Flower basket

Floral passion

butterfly floret