Sabbatical Journey


Since I left college, my summer has never been without a job. I’ve worked immediately after college with a short 2 week vacation. The best ever vacation. One which I will always remember.

So this year, I decided to take a sabbatical to work on projects I’ve been wanting to do. Despite only having 3 months off, I did a lot of work and play, but mostly I wanted to work on the things I loved, which often feels like play. In reality, the sabbatical was more of a journey to a healthier life style and a break to enhance my portfolio for a better paying job.

My first goal was to lose weight. They say after 30, your metabolism goes down. They are not lying. I gained more weight than I should have so I had this idea of trying to lose 10-15 pounds even though in reality, I should have only set my goal to 5 pounds.

Start Weight: 127
End Weight: 125

Unfortunately, weight stayed the same but at least the gym and healthy eating is now a regular scheduled habit.

Some of the projects I finished were client work but also works that enhanced my type and design skills.

Portfolio Projects

Passion Projects

Books I’ve Read

Sometimes, I read way too much.
(A) denotes audio books.

TV Shows I’ve Watched