Soy Egg Nog and Holiday Movie Marathon

This week marks halfway through the month! Did everyone get everything done? Shopping done? Wrapping done? Well, I have wrapped up some holiday showcasing of my own and I’m ready to de-stress for the year. Well, one can hope, I suppose.

As per my annual holiday movie marathon, I’ve also decided to learn to make my own egg nog! I used the soy recipe and made it rather creamy. Maybe a bit too much. Try this recipe if you’re into egg nog made from soy milk.

It’s a relatively easy recipe since it’s mostly 1:1 ratio. I tried to cook the egg a bit because I’m scared of raw eggs but I think I cooked a bit too much. With leftovers, I can add a bit of flour and actually make it into a simple custard recipe!

And don’t forget to drink it with a dash of mead while watching some more Harry Potter movies!

Soy Egg Nog