Spilt Milk

When you cry for a week over spilled milk, you lose sight of where the mop is and the milk ends up rotting in front of you. The smell gets so foul but because you’ve sniffled so much, your sense of smell is stuffed up, you don’t even notice. Of course, when you start to see that the milk is just a liquid that will eventually dry out and disappear, it only leaves a stain on the floor for a few weeks or so. But if you wash it, you’ll have a clean floor, fresh air, and a new glass of milk that might even be better than the one you spilled. It was meant to be that it spilt, so they say. You’ll have a new glass of milk that could be better.

But once you spill it and smell that rotten foulness, you might think twice to spill it. You might think twice to even drink that cow’s milk! There are three people in life: the one who cleans up the milk and gets a new glass, the one who never cleans the mess, and the one who does clean the milk but drinks water instead. I’d like to think I fall into the 3rd category. I don’t want to make another mistake and spill milk and have it stink up my surrounding so I’ll have what is non-foul. It’s realistic and practical that instead of trying a new glass of milk that’ll spill eventually and stink, I can something clean and fresh. But who am I kidding? I’m one of the most romantic person you’ll ever meet. Isn’t a realist, after all, just a jaded romantic, which I have no qualms in denying. Why am I going to lie and say I’m not a romantic yet a realist? The truth is, I am a hopeless romantic but I’m practical in my wants and needs. I’m realistic in knowing what I can have. Readers, it’s called being down to earth and knowing that life is just a bunch of flowers growing on dung. What is good soil but soil with shit?

Being real is also a way of being honest with yourself. Being romantic is an escape. Who doesn’t want to be romanced or swept off their feet. Ah, what is a little dream into this cynical world but a dream of tomorrow. The weather may be raining but we don’t have to mope around at home. Leaves fall, trees will bloom again. Winter will be cold but summer will be hot. Today, it’s a bad day. Tomorrow, it could get even worse or it could get better. The reality of life is there in our face. It’s how we take it and how we approach it from all its multi-facet and that determines what we view life to be. But even as jaded as I am, the dream of what is tomorrow makes it a little easier to live and a little more accepting of the situation. Tomorrow is tomorrow and I wait for it, anxiously, scared, and skeptical but I know it’ll come.