Summer Movies are Back in the City!

Ah! It’s summer again and it’s going to be a hot, hot summer in the city! Possibly rainy since there was barely any snow this past winter.

What I love most about the city is the summer movies in the park! Outside, having a picnic and watching some movie on the big screen with the stars and the skyscraper around you. It’s a relic from drive-in without the whole car thing.

So I scoured the internet for some ideas to go lounge around the city like a homeless person.

Some places to check out:

Brookyn Bridge Park

This is one of my favorite spot to go. It’s right by the water and you get a BEAUTIFUL view of the city.

Movies: E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, To Kill a Mockingbird, Slumdog Millionaire, Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, Barefoot in the Park, The Big Chill, Unforgiven

The Intrepid Museum

I’ve never gone here but I think this will be the year! I mean, viewing a movie on an old battle ship with the Concorde and the Discover spaceship right behind? How awesome!

Movies: TopGun, Spider-Man, Star Trek, The Muppets, Jurassic Park, The Goonies

Hudson River Park’s River Flicks for Grown Up

I went once here but it’s on cement ground so you’ll need to bring a chair or a comfortable spread.

Movies: MoneyBall, Super 8, Bridesmaids, Limitless, Cowboys & Aliens, Crazy, Stupid Love, Horrible Bosses

Hudson River Park’s River Flicks for Kids

Movies: Kung Fu Panda 2, Superman, The Movie, Hugo, Puss in Boots, Rango, Back to the Future, The Smurfs

Socrates Sculpture Park

I’ve never been here but from what I hear, avoid muggy days. Lot of flies.


Bryant Park

As much as I want to go here since it’s right next to work, it gets super crowded quickly.

Movies: Psycho, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Wizard of Oz, On the Waterfront, Roman Holiday, The Maltese Falcon, Rebel Without a Cause, The Adventures of Robin Hood, All About Eve, Raiders of the Lost Ark



If you’re up for some French films, I found a list to check out that takes place throughout the city as well.

If EPIXHD sponsors another Summer movies series this year, I’ll be going to that. They have them in Coney Island, Williamsburg, and East Village Park, which is quite convenient. Will post as soon as I hear anything.