Switzerland Day 4: Retrospection

Splendour of the Alps tour
The last full day in Montreux greeted us with another gloomy morning. However, the cloud eventually parted by early afternoon, offering a warm respite over the snowy Alps.

I had a dream earlier that my boyfriend’s mother was asking us to go on a boat tour. I woke up telling him that. So it was funny that during breakfast, his mother offers the suggestion.

Using the Riviera card, you can book a Splendour of the Alps cruise tour on Lake Geneva, which is a 2 hour ride. There is also an option for a 4 hour ride with lunch being served, which is 90 CHF per person. The Riviera card will give you half price off. Of course, try to board 2nd class tickets to avoid overcharge. You’ll still get a good view of the towns.


Because the day was cold and cloudy, the water was a bit rough but nothing compared to the ocean. The tour starts from Montreux and stops at various small towns, including Territet, Chateau de Chillon, Bouveret, St. Gingolph, Vevey, Clarens, etc.

You can get off the boat to any of the town or stay on until you’ve made a full circle around the lake.

There are also boats that can take you out further to Lausanne or even the French side of the lake. But go prepared with a passport if you plan to get off the boat.

Switzerland, especially Montreux is a very sterile location. It’s good for someone who wants to speak 4 or 5 languages. It’s good for raising children. Standard of living is amazing. Salary is absolutely great. But it lacks the sass of Paris and the pompous attitude of London. It lacks the vivacious life of New York. It lacks mystery and intrigue. It is picturesque but with no charm. The people are wonderful and a much kinder version of the typical Parisian but they seem almost cookie cutter-like. Diversity is very low. Price is exorbitant. Hospitality is praised but lacks relationship.

I enjoyed my time in Montreux but it’s like dating the perfect man. Good salary, well manners, handsome, and stable. The type you can bring home and introduce to families and friends. However, perfection comes with a price. There is no mystery, surprise, and intrigue. He lacks passion and romance.

He’s good for another type of woman. Just not me.