Breakfast Quinoa

After spending the whole winter making overnight oats, I’m venturing out for other breakfast options that can be prepped ahead. I used to have arugula egg salad sandwich that I thought it might be interesting to use egg on quinoa with veggies as something to prep ahead.


One dinner at Lincoln Ristorante by Lincoln Center, we ordered aperitif that was orangecello instead of the typical limoncello. It wasn’t our first time having a different type of sweet liqueur. In fact, our first trip to Florence, I had bought meloncello and fragocello (strawberry). I had never thought to make it until I ran…

Day 29: Beets, Garlic Scape, and Quinoa Salad

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered garlic scape in person. I’ve heard it talked about, cooked with, and praised. I’ve just never bought one or seen one at the supermarket.

Day 16: Roasted Asparagus Mango Quinoa

Back to meatless Mondays! As it is half week due to a design conference, which requires me to make salads that are commute-able, I opted for less fancy and just kept to the basic.

Day 6 Stir Fry Kale Quinoa

Yay, it’s Friday! Normally, at work, there’s free lunch but by the time I get up to go check it out, it’s demolished. So I went prepared with a super simple salad that could be eaten cold, won’t be soggy, and wouldn’t make the office smell like a Prahok kitchen. I rather like the smell…

Day 2 Grapefruit, Chickpea, and Quinoa Salad

I love citrus in salad but I wouldn’t say grapefruit is my favorite citrus. Blood orange or even tangerine are a better option with less bitter taste. However, grapefruits are very good to balance a very savory meal. Since it was meatless Monday, I chose to cook MorningStar Farm’s Italian Herb Chik Patties, which are…

Day 1 Strawberry Quinoa Kale

Most people know I hate salad. My mother never made us eat salad growing up. We had fresh vegetables and fruits or they were served within soup and stir fry. The concept of eating raw vegetables with dressings was entering foreign territory. When I first moved out of my mom’s house into college where the…