Soy Egg Nog and Holiday Movie Marathon

This week marks halfway through the month! Did everyone get everything done? Shopping done? Wrapping done? Well, I have wrapped up some holiday showcasing of my own and I’m ready to de-stress for the year. Well, one can hope, I suppose.

Lentils with Corn and Nectarine

Last weekend, my friends and I took a trip to Warwick, NY to visit the great outdoor. While there, we stopped by some farms and picked up some fresh corn and nectarine. And they were so good! The corn was sooooo sweet that it felt like a dessert. And the nectarine was so juicy and…

Cherry Limeade

I love cherries but I can be a bit naive at the variety options. This week for our Harvest Astoria’s CSA, we got tart cherries along with black cherries. I know I love black cherries but what are tart cherries? They are exactly what they say they are.

Roasted Fennel, Carrot, Beet

This week’s CSA is the first time for fennels! I know it’s a hard vegetable to figure out what to eat with but I recently roasted it and it’s surprisingly very good. It softens it without losing the taste. I used beets and carrots but you can add potato or tomatoes and it’ll offer some…

Breakfast Quinoa

After spending the whole winter making overnight oats, I’m venturing out for other breakfast options that can be prepped ahead. I used to have arugula egg salad sandwich that I thought it might be interesting to use egg on quinoa with veggies as something to prep ahead.

Cherry Jam with no pectin

Summer is back and we are picking our CSA in Astoria again with Harvest Astoria! This year, we started a little late but our first fruits arrived this week! I was so excited for strawberries but I’ll have to pass them for some amazing cherries.

Ligurian Minestrone

Having recently returned from Italy, I had such an eat-ploration that it would be remiss if I didn’t share some new recipe I garnered from the local Bogliascans.

Dandelion Pork Dumplings

Summer officially starts for me when Harvest Astoria begins and a fresh batch of veggies comes pouring in! Well, technically, I have to go pick it up but it’s so great to actually have fresh veggies.


One dinner at Lincoln Ristorante by Lincoln Center, we ordered aperitif that was orangecello instead of the typical limoncello. It wasn’t our first time having a different type of sweet liqueur. In fact, our first trip to Florence, I had bought meloncello and fragocello (strawberry). I had never thought to make it until I ran…


Living in a Greek neighborhood, you learn to appreciate octopus as an appetizer. It’s rare to go to a Greek restaurant without ever ordering a grill octopus. It’s expensive but at least, not as expensive as in the city. Astoria is great for that: great food at decent price.

I Heart Victorian Sponge Cake

I’ve heard a lot about Victorian sponge cake since I love many historial romance but I don’t believe I’ve had one until my recent layover at Heathrow. It was 6AM but I had been up for 6 hours from a connecting flight and saw this beautiful frostless cake. I hate frostings so I gravitated towards…

Tom Yum Soup with Kale and Shrimp

Mr. D (aka David with an E) decided that he wanted to go on a mostly gluten-free diet. Knowing him (and many of the men in my life), I didn’t expect he’d be eating well cooked meals unless you consider yogurt 3x a day, awell cooked meal. So I decided to help out by preparing…

Tuna Tartare to Ring the New Year

It’s the end of the year again and I’m back in NYC, avoiding the crowds to have an intimate and quiet dinner whilst watching “You’ve Got Mail”. After indulging a bit much for the holiday travels, I wanted to keep a simple and light meal.

Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables

Boxing Day, which is typically a British holiday in which you open Christmas gifts, arrived quite warmly, cool breeze and partly cloudy weather. It is a rest day but we are invited to have lunch at an ex-UNEP employee’s home near Karura Forest.

Day 3 Falafel Salad with Tahini Sauce

Falafels were an acquired taste. The first time I tried them was once again at a college cafeteria. Needless to say, it was a very bad experience. But living in New York City, plenty of falafel stands roam the street. I’ve found some of the best places were actually these trucks. My favorite falafel truck…

Day 2 Grapefruit, Chickpea, and Quinoa Salad

I love citrus in salad but I wouldn’t say grapefruit is my favorite citrus. Blood orange or even tangerine are a better option with less bitter taste. However, grapefruits are very good to balance a very savory meal. Since it was meatless Monday, I chose to cook MorningStar Farm’s Italian Herb Chik Patties, which are…

Day 1 Strawberry Quinoa Kale

Most people know I hate salad. My mother never made us eat salad growing up. We had fresh vegetables and fruits or they were served within soup and stir fry. The concept of eating raw vegetables with dressings was entering foreign territory. When I first moved out of my mom’s house into college where the…

Lavender Lemon Cake

After attending the bookclub meeting, I had a craving for tea and cake, specifically lavender tea. Did you know lavender is used to treat anger and insomnia?

Meatball Stuffed Ridged Gourd

Ridged gourd is one of those vegetables I was completely turned off by as a kid. It has a strange bitter taste, it looks green, and it has spikes. Seriously, it is a not an appetizing looking vegetable. My mother used to make meatballs stuffing them into these ridge gourd and cooked them in a…

Chocolate Honey Banana Bread

Spring seems less likely to arrive as March enters mid-month with temperature barely above freezing. Some days, it’s a balmy 50 degree F and then the next, dips below freezing with freezing wind.