Lentils with Corn and Nectarine

Last weekend, my friends and I took a trip to Warwick, NY to visit the great outdoor. While there, we stopped by some farms and picked up some fresh corn and nectarine. And they were so good! The corn was sooooo sweet that it felt like a dessert. And the nectarine was so juicy and…

Breakfast Quinoa

After spending the whole winter making overnight oats, I’m venturing out for other breakfast options that can be prepped ahead. I used to have arugula egg salad sandwich that I thought it might be interesting to use egg on quinoa with veggies as something to prep ahead.

Summer Squash Pancakes with Swiss Chard Salad

Sunday brunch at home was mostly trying to figure out what to do with all our CSA. It’s accumulated for the past 3 weeks and there were a total of 6 squash that I had to go through. I made a batch of baked zucchini frites yesterday, which are always amazing but I needed a…

Day 30: Veggie Burger Salad

Here’s to the end of my 30 days of salad challenge! Who knew I could make 30 different type of salads, some of which I enjoyed…some of which I could improve.

Day 29: Beets, Garlic Scape, and Quinoa Salad

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered garlic scape in person. I’ve heard it talked about, cooked with, and praised. I’ve just never bought one or seen one at the supermarket.

Day 28: Poached Egg Kale Salad

Nothing says weekend like breakfast in bed. CSA had included white kale and I really wanted to try this new recipe that my boyfriend got at Mar’s restaurant, kale and pickled eggs. I only started to pickle eggs the previous night so I decided to replace with poached egg for a breakfast meal.

Day 27: Fruit Salad

Friday tends to be my busiest day in the week. Meetings at work and meetings with friends and dinner. But the latter is always the best part of the day. Especially since this past Friday, I got to have Korean lunch at Hanjan with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in almost 3 years. So…

Day 26: Pho Cabbage Salad

I love soups in the summer despite the heat and humidity. I always could go for a bowl of pho or ramen. So I decided to make a salad with a “thin” broth.

Day 24: Ramen Cabbage Salad

Another long work day. For a quick salad meal, I opted to my favorite dish. Ramen. Instead of making it as a soup, I decided to stir fry it over lots of cabbage.

Day 23: Swiss Chard Salad Pizza

Today was my first day as a freelancer again! It was a long work day that by the time I came home, it was getting late. What better way for a quick dinner than a Boboli pizza with salad and no cheese.

Day 21: Swiss Chard Wrap

Friday nights, I allow myself to indulge from my home cooking by eating out. Astoria has been growing its restaurant listings so I tend to stick around home base where I found this amazing Italian restaurant called Vesta.

Day 20: Hoisin Shrimp Salad

Well, it’s another Friday in the office. This dish, due to the daikon, had quite a smell so I took it out to eat in the bleeding sun, burning onto the gray concrete. Where is a shade when you need one during lunch? Oh, right behind that cheesy Melt shop.

Day 19: Pork & Bean Salad

This salad should have been taco salad but I didn’t have all the ingredients to make it so I opted for a similar taste and texture.

Day 18: Jasmine Spring Green

June 18 was our first CSA pick-up EVER. It was rather exciting seeing all these buckets of fresh vegetables. Everyone had a selection of veggies to pick out. And I stood there thinking, I must be way over my head thinking I can cook all this vegetable for an entire week.

Day 16: Roasted Asparagus Mango Quinoa

Back to meatless Mondays! As it is half week due to a design conference, which requires me to make salads that are commute-able, I opted for less fancy and just kept to the basic.

Day 15 Scallop Grapefruit Avocado Salad

It’s the 3rd week of salad. There was a grapefruit on the table for about 2 weeks now. I didn’t want it to go spoil so I decided to make a very simple salad with one of my favorite seafood, scallop.

Day 14 Dumpling Cabbage Salad

The weekend started with a bright beautiful clear morning. It was the perfect day for a walk to the farmer’s market where I got some more vegetables. I’m finding that as I’ve gone through all these salads, I’m buying and eating more vegetables. It’s a great feeling when I go to bed and I don’t…

Day 13 Pesto Zucchini Salad

Genoa is known for many things and pesto is one of them. I’ve never found a place stateside that has made the same pesto sauce, creamy, light green, fresh basil taste. It always feels like old basil, dark and gloomy. In Genoa, they use baby basil. That’s the key. Never use old basil to make…

Day 12 Mushroom Mustard Salad

Many moons ago, for Memorial Day, my friends and I used to take a trip up to Bear Mountain to have a barbecue. We’d pack up food, drinks, and our dogs and take the hour long trek up away from the busy city life.