Tom Yum Soup with Kale and Shrimp

Mr. D (aka David with an E) decided that he wanted to go on a mostly gluten-free diet. Knowing him (and many of the men in my life), I didn’t expect he’d be eating well cooked meals unless you consider yogurt 3x a day, awell cooked meal. So I decided to help out by preparing…

Stir Fried Tofu with Greenoodle

Astoria has a growing Japanese population that ramen houses are popping up alongside sushi restaurants. And they aren’t those generic half Chinese/Mexican food type of chain restaurants. They are quite decent and innovative with their flavors and dishes.

Heart-Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day could just be another ordinary day but it’s definitely a GREAT excuse to have a special romantic dinner at home with candles, flowers and wine. I got a text message from my mother, which always feels good. And I got my dog a toy. I know that everyday should be a day to…

Lavender Tofucotta with Strawberry Sauce

I have had such a fascination for lavender for quite some time. Last summer, I had bought dried lavender to make lemonade and it’s been taunting me since I was not sure what to make with it. Last month, for the bookclub meeting, I had met up at this French restaurant in Brooklyn that had…

Basil Tofu Cotta with Strawberry

With my boyfriend’s mother around, I’ve been eating more creamy food and sometimes enjoying it and other times, not so much. I’ve found that I like many of the Italian desserts if they are made right, such as tiramisu, bomboloni, and panna cotta.