This is what I live for…


There are a few things that keep me alive such as a roof over my head, drinkable water, and yummy food. But it’s what I live for that keeps me alive—from going off the edge or living a dull life.

I live for myself.

Aside from being able to come home to a dog so happy to see you, his tail wags like a windmill in a storm and both paws up, impatiently waiting for you to pick him up. Aside from having a cat who can’t wait to snuggle with you. Aside from siblings and a mother who’s always ready to catch you when you fall. Aside from friends who send you funny text messages to get you through the miserable work day. And aside from Mr. Darcy.

Aside from all of these, I live for myself. I live to be a better person, to be someone my family and friends and loved ones can count on, respect, love, and admire. I am worth living for because maybe this is the only life I will ever have.