Top 10 with Future BF

I was watching My Lovely Kim Samsoon and towards the end when she and Sam Shik ended up together, she said she had top 7 things to do when she has an official boyfriend. And because he loved her, he did everything for her. Awwww

So I made my own list. Here is my top 10 things to do if and when I have an official boyfriend.

#10: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, eat at Lombardi and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
#9: Restaurant hop all day long
#8: Walk through the Met all day and kiss in front of Rodin’s statue of Eternal Springtime
#7: Go to Coney Island and walk on the sand in bare feet while holding hands
#6: Row the boat and bike ride through Central Park
#5: Salsa dance under a starlit night
#4: Have him read to me
#3: Karaoke with my girls
#2: Introduce him to my friends, vice versa
#1: I want him to say he loves me