Truffle Risotto on a Cold February Day

Truffle Risotto
After a long week of rain and snow, the weekend was finally beautiful and bright but very brisk. I was fooled by the weather and had gone out under the wrong impression of warm weather. I had meant to take Ker Ai, my dog, for a walk around town. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring along a coat for him and he started to shiver. I walked him around Union Square to see other dogs and visited Petco, where Banana Joe was in town!

Union Square in February

Of course, we didn’t stay long. I managed to buy lamb sausage from the GreenMarket. I love these open markets because I get to bring Ker Ai along with me. It’s too bad that the only green markets open during the winter happens to be in the city so it requires a lot of trekking from Queens into Manhattan.

Since it was my first weekend without task, I finally got around to trying out these truffle risotto from Italy. These are produced in a factory near Alba, where all the amazing white truffles are found. I have such an addiction to these white truffles, I cannot believe i hadn’t had them sooner.
Truffle Risotto

The package already comes prepared with cheese, rice, and truffles. Still, I prepared 16 ounces of water, white wine, and chicken broth as the base to cook the arborio rice. I cut white onion and shallots, roasting them until they are translucent before adding the mixture. I poured about a half cup of broth.

As with basic risotto making, I cooked until the water evaporated on medium to low heat and continued until the broth completed or until the rice felt al dente enough to serve.
Making the Truffle Risotto

While the risotto was cooking, I prepared green beans and red onion to boil in salt water and fried two lamb sausage as sides. Like all fried food, I always make sure to wipe down the oil before serving.
Boiled green beans and red onion with lamb sausage

Overall, the meal was perfect for a nice afternoon in.
Boiled green beans and red onion with lamb sausage
Truffle risotto