Turning 30 in less than 24 hours


Technically, I finished my writing challenge already. However, I haven’t quite hit 30 so this is my last post as a 29 years old!

I’m going to turn 30! The big number for most women (mostly because unlike men and for those with limited money supply), 30 is the beginning of our last chances for having healthy babies. It’s big decision making time.

Otherwise, if it weren’t for biological reason, 30 is just another number, no big meaning, no grand gesture. Just another day in our lives.

Did you know…

On Mars, I am age 16 Martian years old.
On Jupiter, I am age 2.5 Jovian years old.
On Pluto, I am age 0.12 Plutonian years old (barely 1 years old!)

In fact, Buddhist counts the first day of the new year as your birth and it starts at one and not zero, therefore I have been 31 some months ago.

If I counted my age by the full moon, I would be 371 full moons.

I have had friends who are much older and they have all embraced their thirties with open arms. In fact, most of them seemed to have begun their lives at thirty, stripping away the awkwardness and self consciousness of their 20s. Meanwhile, those younger than me dread turning 30, bemoaning their lives are over and they are so old.

It frustrates me because it makes me think of high school kids who lament over the past and long for the good old days of being a teenager. Age is only a number. If you perceive it a certain way, it manifests in that form. You are who you are and if you allow number to dictate your life, what else will you allow to dictate your life?

Some people believe we will have an afterlife, some people believe in reincarnation. All I know is that this life could be it and I want to make this one life as good as it can be for me. Years will pass, seasons will change. I will change, physically, emotionally and mentally. That’s what life is about. Change.

Instead of convalescing over the fact you’ve reached a certain “age” factored by some old white men in togas, count the days as blessings, a chance to breathe, to see friends and families, to live your life to its fullest. You don’t know what will come, no one ever does, and if someone tries to tell you otherwise, it’s the biggest lie of the century.

From my very dear friend who passed away, live life like it’s your last day, take on challenges to make life worthwhile, love with all your heart, don’t let opportunities slip, and don’t let indecision stop you from doing what you want to do. Sometimes, the scariest thing is the leap; you either fall into an abyss or reach another plateau. But that’s what makes us human, the resilience to make it back, even if we have to crawl up.

So as I turn 30, I reflect on all the days that I have roamed the earth. Hasn’t it been wonderful? I am so excited to start the decade with style, grace, maturity, and excitement!