Where I want to go?


Imagine trekking through snow-laden forest chasing the aurora borealis to the edge to the sky. Imagine cool nights with stars lit up and the Milky Way wrapping an arm around the midnight sky. Imagine all the southern constellations you haven’t seen.

Imagine writing and drawing your dreams to life and earning a living by doing something you love instead of commuting to work and dealing with unhappy people who hate their job. Imagine getting away from all that. Imagine doing something you love and having people appreciate and respect you.

Imagine touring the entire US without fear and prejudice? Imagine a car trip that you will have tales to regale for life. Maybe end up with a Jack Kerouac writing of your own.

Imagine all the places you’ve always wanted to see: Andalusia, Santorini, Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Morocco, Quebec, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands, and so much more. Imagine Cambodia, the motherland you never knew, like an orphan given up for adoption in search for a past.

Imagine you stopping the imagining and actually doing all this.